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Only $77 for 2 hours of knowledge, tips and experience from someone who has successfully raised capital from angel investors 8 times.

Find Out How to Raise Venture Capital From Angel Investors From Someone Who Has Done it 8 Times!
This is a Complete Course and System on Raising Capital For Your Small Business From Angel Investors

Learn how to prepare for, find and close angel investors in today's capital market from a serial entrepreneur and 19 year CEO who has raised over $40 million in investor financing, launched eight startups and grown two companies to over $100 million in sales.

Find out what angels are looking for as indicators of the best deals and what you need to do to prepare your company before you begin contacting Angels. This 2-hour audio and 80 slide book is not just hints and tips on finding angels, but contains a complete roadmap to be successful raising venture capital from angels in this tougher environment for capital.

What a great value! Lots of solid information from someone who has really done it before."
              - Current CEO who is raising angel financing

What you will learn:

  • What angel investors look for in a company

  • How angel investors evaluate your business and management team

  • What are the market conditions today and how do you adjust to them?

  • How to prepare your company for angel investors in virtually every area - Your idea, team, market research, angel investor slide presentation and more

  • The top 11 things NEVER to say to angel investors that sink most deals

  • Review of angel investor and other financing sources and the best circumstances to approach each today

  • What kind of financing terms you can expect from angel investors, plus a discussion on valuation and pricing your stock

venture capital How to raise funding from angel investors

This is a complete "How To" course on raising capital from angel investors. The financing environment has changed dramatically over the last few years and is repeating a pattern seen in the early 1990's.  Venture capitalists are generally not funding many early-stage companies or early product development, so angel investors are a much more important source of capital than in the past.  Angels have always invested far more dollars in very early-stage companies than venture capitalists - so you need to understand what they require and design this into your business plan.  We will review what you need to achieve for each type of financing from angels to professional venture capitalists and help you improve your company's readiness for various sources of investment.

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to prepare your company for angel investors in virtually every area (idea, team, market research, investor slide presentation and more)

  2. What are the 12 top mistakes CEOs and entrepreneurs make when looking for capital?

  3. The 11 things NEVER to say to angel investors (bonus report)

  4. What needs to be in your presentation, business plan and other messaging to succeed

  5. Review of financing sources and the best circumstances to approach each today

  6. We will compare and contrast angel, VC and corporate financing sources and when each is appropriate

  7. How do you find and approach angel investors? The best process, step-by-step to educate them at the right speed and level

  8. What do angel investors look for as indicators of the best deals?

  9. What are the market conditions today and how do you adjust to them?

  10. What kind of financing terms you can expect plus a discussion on valuation and pricing your stock

  11. You will also get a complete resource list of networks of angels and access to a complete database of local groups of angel investors

  12. And much, much more!

venture capital  How to raise funding from angel investors

venture capital Raising capital from angel investorsHello,
I am Bob Norton and I developed this course  to help more entrepreneurs and CEOs succeed in two ways.  First by avoiding the most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make in raising capital from angel investors for early-stage companies. Second by providing a complete framework, or roadmap, to successful raise capital that I have developed over the last 19 years as a full-time CEO of many companies. I have successful raised capital from angel investors eight times now for four different companies. Completing every round I set out to raise.

I review investor presentations almost every week. I participate on the screening committees of investor groups. I have also invested well over $1 million of my own funds in startup ventures over the years.  So I have been on both sides of the table many, many times.  I also do custom critiquing and coaching of entrepreneurs and CEOs presentations all the time. I find that most make the same mistakes over and over again and sink their chances of closing deals by not being properly prepared. Most people approach angel investors before they have the key slides and data that will convince angels to invest in them. Only about 1 in 100 companies get in front of venture capitalist will get venture capital from them. You need to be in the top 1% of companies that seek venture capital to get funded.

As part of our business at C-Level Enterprises, Inc. I mentor and advise entrepreneurs and CEOs on raising capital for early-stage businesses, and on designing and optimizing their business models to grow with minimum capital. This audio and slide set is not just hints and tips to find angels, but a complete plan to prepare your company to look like an "A" deal to these investors. Angel investors see hundreds of businesses and can only invest in a few. You are competing with every other entrepreneur out there for capital and must drive your company to the top of the pile of business plans by pulling out all the stops.

I guarantee this will be one of the best investments you ever make because the information has so much leverage it should make and save you an enormous amount of time and increase your chances of raising capital dramatically.

About The Author:
Mr. Norton, is the author of four books on entrepreneurship and many audio and video training programs for CEOs and entrepreneurs. As President of C-Level Enterprises, he is a leading authority on startups, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, product development and growing companies rapidly. He has been a full-time CEO since 1989 and has launched eight startups, grown two companies to over $100 million in sales, raised over $40 million in investor financing, much of that from angel investors. He has created over $1 billion in total shareholder value, just while at those companies. He has also worked in all size companies including The International Thomson Organization (ITO), FIRST CALL, Grumman Aerospace, and many others and is a specialist who consults for companies on "shifting gears" by adjusting management style as a company grows. Mr. Norton has appeared in Inc. magazine, on CNBC, Good Morning America and many other regional and national media and provides advice and mentoring to companies, entrepreneurs and CEOs through consulting, speaking, writing and seminars. Mr. Norton also runs the premier CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp and frequently speaks at corporations, associations, and universities on raising capital from angel investors and other topics.

venture capital  raising funding from angel investorsWe offer a 100% venture capital Back Guarantee

You can return this product for a full refund within 90 days for any reason. Just tell us why it was not for you, so we can try to avoid this in the future, and we will gladly credit your account for the full amount. We guarantee this will at least double, and probably triple or more, your chances of raising funds from angel investors.

What You Get: This set contains about 2 hours of audio on two CDs packed with strategies to raise venture capital from angel investors. You can play this in your car without taking time out at the office or home. It also contains 80 slides used in the presentation for following along and reference.

We are committed to providing exceptional value to our customers by delivering far more than they expect each step of the way. As such we will throw in these free bonuses at no extra charge that are worth over $300 alone.

Free Bonus Gift #1 (A Report Called "The Top 11 Things NOT to Say to Angel Investors" - Value: $29) - This is the list of the most common things that entrepreneurs do to sink their chances of raising venture capital from angel investors. I have seen the air sucked right out of the room by people who do not know they just can't say or do these things and expect to get venture capital from angels. Most people raising venture capital for the first time, and even many doing it again do not know these things.  This list alone could be the difference between raising venture capital and not!


Free Bonus Gift #2 (A $29 Value) - The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles - A classic book on removing the personal barriers you have to achieving great financial success and extreme wealth. Be an angel investor yourself.


Free Bonus Gift #3 (A $249/year Value) - A FREE eZine Subscription to "The C-Level Advisor" is easily worth hundreds of dollars, but you get it free. Someday we may start charging, as this information can be priceless and save you many thousands of dollars in aggravation, time and mistakes and also drive your sales faster. You will get free excerpts from upcoming seminars, books, tapes and other products for CEOs and entrepreneurs before anyone else does.

We think this is the best system for raising angel financing available today and have heard many people say this. Raising angel financing is not easy, nothing worth while ever is. It is hard work and is likely to open your eyes to things you never thought of. But isn't that better than beating your head against these problems for months, or even years, without knowing why? Raising venture capital without this course is like setting out on a trek across Europe (never having been there before) without a map.  You might get there someday, but you are not likely to do it very quickly or efficiently.

Best of Success,
venture capital angel investor financing seminar for startups   

Only $77 For This 2 CD Set and Slides

venture capital Raise funding from angel investors

P.S.- No matter how long you look you will not find this kind of information in one place anywhere else, not to mention from a CEO who has done it before. That is because I invented this system from the ground up and tested and improved it over many years.  It has systems and models available nowhere else. This may be the best investment you ever make. Imagine what it will save you if it knocks just 30, 60 or 90 days off your funding process. What is 3 times your monthly burn rate? Think about that. If this was a $500 course it would be worth every penny.

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